value added services

Value Added Services

Handling Services

The RBS name stands on the core of some value systems. Ever since its inception, RBS has stuck to its principles, and this what has taken it to the position it is in today.

  1.   We provide forklifts of capacity 2, 3 and upto 9 m/t.
  2.   We provide hydra cranes, lifters and telescopic cranes.
  3.   We undertake forklift and cranes services on job basis and yearly contract basis in Maharashtra and Gujarat.


RBS Logistics India Pvt. Ltd. its list of unique services by providing Transshipment services. Transshipment amounts to providing you help on three levels:

  Primary transport:

This entails picking up the goods—say, a loaded container from Nhavasheva—and sending it to the nearest destination. This service does not include unloading.


We do crossing/dock crossing/cross shipment. This means taking the cargo from the container and transferring it into the truck. The customer is not required to pay for loading and loading. Only one side labour charges are applicable.

  Secondary transport:

Secondary transport can be provided for further dispatch to nearby locations within Gujrat, Maharashtra and Goa. Clients also get to leave the remaining part-load at the warehouse for one day, free of cost!

RBS Logistics India Pvt. Ltd. offers you that extra edge by giving you certain value added services to help your business even further.

  1.   Palletization and Fumigation: To keep industrial inventory in marketable shape over a period of time, care and maintenance are needed. RBS provides you with just that with its palletization and fumigation services. These services are largely mechanized and hence, cost-effective. Standard quality carpentry and packaging is provided to clients.
  2.   Re-packing and Re-bagging: RBS offers to take a further load off your back by offering this service. This ensures that your products are more market ready when you collect them.
  3.   Labeling: Yet another effort and time saving service we offer you.
  4.   Stuffing of Export containers: For non-excise-able (agricultural) goods, RBS offers to handle the specialized duty of stuffing export containers if done under the supervision of Central Excise.